September Super Action Tournament

It’s that time of year again! It’s the beginning of Autumn (or Summer here in Mauritius), and one of the most beautiful seasons to witness. Especially with Casino Mauritius and Omni Slots!
Join the Super Action Tournament, and don’t miss out on this months exciting promotions!

Are you ready for a month full of action? Join the September Super Action Tournament where you can win an Action Camera, Sport watch, Balance Board, or Apple Watch each week. Find out how you can win!

How can you win?

In September we have 3 weekly tournaments. The top 3 players with the highest wagering amount each week will win a Super Action Prize (see below). The top 10 of the weekly tournament will also get a ticket to the grand final to win the ski-holiday.

The only requirements are:

  • Deposit a $30 entry fee for each weekly tournament where you want to join in
  • Play and wager on our games to reach the top 10 of the ranking.


What can you win?

Every week the top 3 players can choose between the following Super Action Prizes worth between $300-$500. The prize will be sent to you in October after the tournament has ended.

Your choice of:

  1. Apple Watch
  2. Action Camera
  3. Sport Watch
  4. Segway Balance Board


You can win 1 Super Action Prize from all tournaments together. When a player already won a prize in a previous tournament then the following player on the ranking will win the prize.

Join the Super Action Tournament!

Tournament dates

We have 3 tournaments rounds in September on the following dates:

Round 1: September 1 – 7

Round 2: September 8 – 14

Round 3: September 15 – 21 September

Grand final – Ski Holiday

The top 10 players from each weekly tournament will win a ticket to the grand final, where 1 winner will win an all-inclusive holiday to a ski-resort in Europe. You can win maximum 1 ticket to the Final. When a player has already won a ticket to the final, the following player on the ranking will win the prize.

Check below to see what the Grand Prize includes:

  • Two Return Flight tickets to Ski-resort
  • 5 night’s stay in a 5-star Hotel
  • Return Transfers from Airport to Hotel
  • $500 spending money


Check here to see the ranking of each tournament to see if you will be a winner of a Super Action Prize. Get in to action for these fantastic prizes! Make your $30 entry prize to join the tournament.


Round 1: September 1 – 7

1. Noutch (Super Action Prize)
2. wolvenne (Super Action Prize)
3. Mirw (Super Action Prize)
4. Jeandelavenue
5. tupacjordan06
6. Madonna
7. Coskun20
8. Anlun
9. JuSa31
10. Fuchserl1234
Last update: 8/9/18

Round 2: September 8 – 14

1Jeandelavenue (Super Action Prize)
2. naikas30 (Super Action Prize)
3. Noutch
4. Rachel111 (Super Action Prize)
5. Anlun
6. mverstappen
7. Coskun20
8. Mirw
9. Hasan55
10. Liampie
Last update: 15/9/18

The ranking is based on the total wagering amount in the period from the 8th to the 14th of September.


Round 3: September 15 – 21 September


1. Jeandelavenue
2. Mirw
3. auto3455 (Super Action Prize)
4. Liampie (Super Action Prize)
5. flavecc (Super Action Prize)
6. KikiDiablo
7. mverstappen
8. knight10
9. Caesarius
10. curt040

Last update: 22/09/18

The ranking is based on the total wagering amount in the period from the 15th to the 21st of September.

Round 4: Grand final – Ski Holiday
The player with the highest total wager between 22 and 30 Sept will win the All-Inclusive Ski-Holiday!

1. Jeandelavenue (Winner All-inclusive Ski-holiday)

2. Mirw
3. Noutch
4. wolvenne
5. Fuchserl1234
6. mverstappen
7. auto3455
8. tupacjordan06
9. KikiDiablo
10. Liampie
11. Rachel111
12. curt040
13. Hasan55
14. knight10
15. Caesarius
16. flavecc
17. naikas30
18. Madonna
19. Coskun20
20. Anlun
21. JuSa31
Last update: 01/10/18
Wish you the best of luck and happy spinning!
Terms and conditions:
  • The 3 players with the highest wagering amount in the weekly tournament can choose 1 of the 4 Super Action prizes.
  • The player with the highest wagering amount in the final tournament will win the ski-holiday prize.
  • You can see the ranking on this page.
  • The Ski-holiday package has a maximum value of 2000 US dollars / Euro.
  • The trip has to take place in the year 2018.
  • Hotel stay is based on 1 room for 2 people.
  • A bonus prize alternative of 750 US dollars / Euro will be offered if the holiday isn’t desired.
  • The travel period will be discussed between the winner and management.
  • The Management has the right to exclude winners in the case of abusing the promotion.
  • The winners cannot exchange their prize with cash or credit to their account.
  • The winners agree that Omni Slots casino can use their username for promotion purposes.
  • Bonus terms and conditions of Omni Slots casino apply.



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