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Casino Mauritius Hot Trending Games

Increase your chances of winning with Hot Trending games at Casino Classic! Every week, we bring you a list of Hot Games that have higher Statistical return percentage (SRP) than the Return to Player percentage (RTP) of the game.

What does it mean?

In other words, the game gives more (HOT) winnings compared to the expected ones according to game rules in the current period of time.

At Casino Classic, you will also find several games marked as “Cold”. Cold Games are the games with current SRP that is lower than RTP in-game rules, therefore the chances of winning on Cold games are lower than usual.

In Details

Hot Slots

The thing that most people are interested in is hot slots. Hot slots are basically games that are on a winning sequence with handing out winnings to players. If a slot is continuing to give away one big win after another, it is considered a “hot slot”.

Some people consider “hot slots” to be games that are very close to hitting the jackpot.

Cold Slots

Cold slots are the opposite of hot slots. Basically, games that are nearly impossible to win at a particular moment. This means that cold slots simply won’t give any winning combinations no matter the betting strategy player uses.



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