Tyrannosaurus Rocks Casino Mauritius

Tyrannosaurus Rocks

Discover the thrilling world of Tyrannosaurus Rocks, a captivating game that transports you back to the age of dinosaurs. This game features innovative functionalities and incredible winning opportunities, making every session exciting and unpredictable. Explore features like Big Blocks, free spins, and bonus prizes, all while enjoying a favorable player return rate. Dive into the frenetic action with Volcano and Meteor symbols exclusively on the big reels, each spin is a chance to land monumental wins. Activate up to 15 free spins by aligning the Volcano symbols and enjoy Meteor symbols that transform into large symbols covering multiple positions. With rewards up to 222x the total bet, every spin becomes an opportunity to grab a prehistoric treasure.

Tyrannosaurus Rocks Casino Mauritius
Tyrannosaurus Rocks Casino Mauritius

Conquer the Reels with Big Blocks and Crackshot Feature of Tyrannosaurus Rocks

The Big Blocks feature is a true spectacle. When 6 or more Meteor symbols appear, enjoy 5 free spins. Triggering Meteor symbols stay in place while others respin, increasing your chances of winning. Each new Meteor symbol remains in place, offering more winning possibilities. The feature ends when there are no more respins or all slots are filled, ensuring constant tension and rewards. Each Big Block shape grants a reward, determined by a prize wheel if multiple prizes are possible. Rewards include:

Shapes Bonus
3×5 500x to 80x the total bet or GRAND/MAJOR bonus
3×4 500x to 60x the total bet or MAJOR bonus
2×5 200x to 56x the total bet or MAJOR/MINOR bonus
3×3 250x to 35x the total bet or MAJOR/MINOR bonus
2×4 120x to 25x the total bet or MAJOR/MINOR bonus
3×2 and 2×3 56x to 15x the total bet or MINOR/MINI bonus
2×2 16x to 5x the total bet or MINI bonus

In Tyrannosaurus Rocks, the Crackshot feature adds an extra adrenaline rush. The Shot symbols replace the Meteor symbols, paving the way for spectacular winning combinations. Each shot symbol collected during Big Blocks rounds triggers random prizes at the end of the feature. Engage with the exciting Crackshot feature and the lucrative Big Blocks for a chance to uncover prehistoric treasures. Roar to Victory with Tyrannosaurus Rocks!

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