Live Speed Baccarat A at Casino Mauritius

If you’re into fast-paced gaming experiences, then Live Speed Baccarat A is just for you. The rules are simple; you’ll have eight decks with a betting period of ten seconds, so you gotta act quickly to win the cash. The good thing about Live Speed Baccarat A is that you can operate between 3D and classic views and let’s not forget the beautiful dealer Nina who will guide you through the whole game.

Disputed between the ‘player’ and the ‘banker’; each baccarat round of play has three possible outcomes: ‘player’, ‘banker’, and ‘tie’;. Simple as that. No less simple than winning money!
Live baccarat is already played at a fast pace. Each round of the standard game, from the time when the cards are dealt to the moment when the wins are paid out, lasts just 48 seconds. Now though, there is the option of speeding up the rate of play even further. The speed version pretty much cuts the playing time in half. In this variant, every round takes a mere 27 seconds, and the difference is palpable.
No sooner have you placed your bets than the cards are being drawn, and the winner’s names are scrolling up the screen. As you can imagine, this faster style of playing really hypes up the sense of anticipation. There certainly isn’t any time to get bored during the rounds!
If you want to win big, Live Baccarat is the game that will change your life. No more wasting time, and let’s hop into those lucrative card game rounds with Casino Mauritius.

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